Nov 24th, 2019


The Weekly Bulletin of
St. Joseph of Nazareth Anglican Church
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Nov 24th, 2019



Welcome to everyone this morning.
We pray that you will be blessed by the words spoken,
the prayers said, the songs sung, and the Scriptures read.
May God guide you closer to Himself.


This Week

Wednesday Nov. 27 9:30 a.m……..Men’s Bible Study
Next Sunday Dec 1 10:30 a.m……..Holy Communion


Bible Readings

November 24th
Jeremiah 23:1-6
Psalm 46
Colossians 1:11-20
Luke 23:33-43

December 1
Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 122
Romans 13:11-14
Matthew 24:36-44


Prayers and Intercessions

Prayer for Today
Almighty and everlasting God, Whose will it is to restore all things in Your well-beloved Son, our Lord and King, grant that the peoples of the earth, now divided and enslaved by sin, may be freed and brought together under His gentle and loving rule; Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Prayer for the Worldwide Anglican Church
We pray for the Falkland Islands (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury) – the Right Reverend Timothy Thornton, Bishop to the Forces and Bishop to the Falkland Islands.

Diocesan Prayer Care
We pray for Tyndale-St. Georges Community Centre – Mr. Chris Lockhart.

Prayer for our Church family
Lord, we lift up our love for one another as a body. Help us purify ourselves by obeying the truth so that our love for each other will be sincere, deep and from the heart. May our love for one another prove that we are Your disciples. Give us a spirit of unity so that we may glorify You with one heart and voice. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

Prayer Team
For those who wish to pray with someone, a prayer team is available after the Service in the left-hand corner of the Sanctuary. The Prayer Team scheduled for today is: Susan and Christopher


GIFT SUNDAY – December 8th


I smile when I think about it. As a matter of fact, I am grinning while I am writing this. I had overheard some of the young people at church talking. No, I was not eavesdropping on their conversation. They were talking loud enough for all around to hear them. One thing they said, though, did make me listen a little closer to what they were saying.

I heard one of them say something about me. They said I must be addicted to Chapstick. At first I thought what an odd thing to say. I wondered what made them come to such a conclusion. Then I realized, about the only time they see me is when we are at services together. So nearly every time they see me I am putting Chapstick on my mouth. You see, I apply it to my lips before I get up to preach so that it will moisten them to keep those pesky “dry spit” globules from forming in the corners of my mouth. But addicted to Chapstick? Not hardly.

Such a charge is unfair because the only time I use the stuff is before or after I preach or teach a class. The rest of the week I never apply it. But what those young people were saying made me think about some timely lessons for all of us.

First, all of us must realize that people are watching us—even in the little things. We must be careful to conduct ourselves properly. Though I do not think I would cause someone else to become a “Chapstick addict”, my influence and the power of my example, if erroneously exerted in other areas, might cause one to stumble. The apostle Paul said he would even abstain from lawful things if engaging in them would cause another to stumble so as to fall (1Cor.8:13).

Secondly, we must all be careful not to jump to conclusions when we do not know all the facts. Some people who only see me at worship services, for example, might conclude that I always wear a coat and tie. But those who see me on a day-to-day basis know that is not the case.

We must never make any judgements about others until we know the facts. The Jews during the time of Jesus had done just that in regards to Him. They were ready to arrest and condemn Him early in His ministry. Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews who had come to Him by night, was a voice of reason in the council. He asked this group of scholars, “Does our law judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing?” (John 7:51). Sadly, there are many, even some who claim to be Christians, who are quick to judge and condemn others without knowing the facts.

Let us all use our influence for good and let us not judge others too quickly.

by Gene Taylor, Centerville Road Church of Christ in Tallahassee, FL


Can You Put a Pair of Socks in Our Mailbox?

St. Joseph’s Church
725 Provencher Blvd.
Brossard, QC J4W 1S5

We are collecting NEW adult socks to give to the homeless as the cold winter months approach.

People donate coats and other clothes but often forget about the feet.

Can you help?
Can you put a pair of socks in our mailbox?
Thank you for your kindness 😊

For more information please contact us: 450-671-6481 /



Saturday, December 7th at 5:00 p.m.

Please see Debbie Lavallée and let her know if you are coming. If so, advise what dish you are bringing and how many people are coming with you.

Again this year there will be a ‘Free Will Offering’ basket giving an opportunity to donate to World Vision to help the three children and a village that our church sponsors.

We also require people to help set up for the dinner on Friday, December 6th. The moving of chairs, arranging of the tables, setting of the tables, organizing the music, etc. are some of the jobs that need to be done. If you are able to volunteer your service, please speak to Debbie.

Looking forward to a great time of food and fellowship.



Birthdays and Anniversaries

To those celebrating this week, God’s blessings be with you



Rector – Reverend Christopher Belle – 450-672-4549 / /
Rector’s Warden – Diane Allen – 450-466-5112 /
People’s Warden – Patricia Wood – 450-465-4733 /

Our Vision
To be a beacon of light and truth in our community
inviting all people to receive God’s promise of salvation through
Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.