September 30th, 2018


The Weekly Bulletin of
St. Joseph of Nazareth Anglican Church
725 Provencher Blvd. Brossard, QC J4W 1Y5
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September 30th, 2018


Welcome to St. Joseph’s

How good it is to gather to worship, to meet new friends and old, to share in worship. Can you imagine coming to church and being alone…the only one there? While the Lord is always with his people, He has given us the great gift of friendship and the ability to thrive in relationships. Sometimes, we may take for granted the company of others, but it is together that we often receive fulsome blessings.

After our refreshment time today, we are having a Special Vestry Meeting when we will be considering the proposal of Destiny Church. It should not last long and we hope all who call St. Joseph’s “home” will attend.


This Week

Tuesday Oct. 2 11:00 a.m……….Corporation Meeting
Wednesday Oct. 3 9:30 a.m……….Men’s Bible Study
Friday Oct. 5 10:30 a.m………..S.H.E. Ladies
Next Sunday Oct. 7 10:30 a.m……….Thanksgiving Sunday / Holy Communion


Bible Readings

Esther 7:1-6, 9-10, 9:20-22
Psalm 19:7-14
James 5:13-20
Mark 9:38-50

Next Sunday
Job 1:1, 2:1-10
Psalm 8
Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12
Mark 10:2-16


World Vision

Please remember that the first Sunday of the month is designated
World Vision Sunday when we gather offerings for the children we support.
If you wish to know more about World Vision, please speak to Linda


Next Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday

Just a reminder that next Sunday, all who wish may bring in food items for our Thanksgiving Table. All items must be non-perishable.
They will be donated after the service to those in need. Thank you.


Thank you

to all who helped and participated in many ways at St. Joseph’s café service last Sunday. It is another way of worshipping with the extra bonus of having the whole Church Family together.
Thank you everyone.


Intercessions and Prayers

Prayer for Today
Grant, O merciful God, that Your Church, being gathered by Your Holy Spirit into one, may show forth Your power among all peoples, to the glory of Your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Prayer for the Worldwide Anglican Church
We pray for the Church of the Province of Uganda: The Most Reverend Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of Uganda and Bishop of Kampala.

Provincial Prayer Care
We pray for Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces: Bishop Nigel Shaw and all military chaplains.

Diocesan Prayer Care
We pray for the Archdeaconry of Montreal: The Venerable James W. Bennett, the Deanery of Western Montreal: The Reverend James Pratt, Regional Dean and for Lay Pastoral Visitors.

Prayer for our Church Family
In our weakness, O Lord, be to us a never-failing strength; in our sinfulness, pardoning love; in our need, all sufficient grace; and in our anxiety, both stillness and rest. Amen. Frances Ridley Havergal

Prayer Team
For those who wish to pray with someone, a prayer team is available after the Service in the left-hand corner of the Sanctuary.The Prayer Team scheduled for today is: Linda and Richard


Something to Think About…

Don’t be distracted by short-term happiness — that isn’t the road to maturity that God has prepared for you. An abundance of fruitfulness awaits you if you’ll release your grip and let Him do whatever it takes to get you there. Charles F. Stanley



Birthdays & Anniversaries
To those celebrating, Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary


Rector – Reverend Christopher Belle – 450-672-4549 / /
Rector’s Warden – Diane Allen – 450-466-5112 /
People’s Warden – Janice Candlish-Freeman – 514-235-7809 /

Our Vision
To be a beacon of light and truth in our community
inviting all people to receive God’s promise of salvation through
Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.