Prayers and Testimonials

Prayers & Testimonials

This is a very special space reserved for parishioners to have their prayers or testimonials shared with our church community. Your name will never be included in your prayer request, thanksgiving or testimonial unless you specifically ask it to be. All requests to be included on this page can be sent to Robert at

Black History Service 2017

Cafe Service February 12,2017

Chaplain Christopher Belle & Family


Remembrance Day Sermon (Nov-16-2016)

Remembrance Day Service Hard Copy (click link to download hard copy) –  remembrance-day-service-november-6-2016

Listen to service:

My life before Christ was one of great despair. Alcohol and anger ruled
my waking moments.When I turned my life over to Jesus all of these
things have slowly been replaced by the grace of God. I know I have a
friend who will walk beside me in my darkest moments.

At a recent funeral that I attended the thought that crossed my mind was the question of Faith. As Christians our final thoughts are of meeting our heavenly Father. That is our crowning moment. No matter what happens in our life through our Faith we will walk the streets of gold with a steady step.

What is Faith? Is it something we can drink, eat, or see. To me it is turning my life over to God and no matter what happens, I put my Faith on the line.

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. That was how I felt before I was saved. A wretch with no purpose in my life but through God’s saving grace I can see a real purpose in my life.